What is the best book in history? | ESPN.com

By Dan Koehn | 01/27/2018 04:18:27As the presidential election nears, there are plenty of books to be read and debated in this election season.There are no shortage of books on topics ranging from the founding of the United States, the founding fathers, the role of religion in our country and more.The best books for reading […]

Why did I love Dr Seuss books?

Dr Seussian books have been my favorite children’s books since I was a kid.And now I’m a big fan of the Seuss series.My mom was a big Seuss fan, and I can remember reading his books and thinking, Wow, I could have one of these.I have a Seuss book collection of more than 50 books.But […]

Which books are best for kids?

The most popular books for kids are the ones you’re likely to pick up as a kid, but the books that are most effective for your child are those you’re already familiar with.It’s important to understand what books work best for your kids because there are a number of things that go into making a […]

What we know about the Amazon Prime Books program

Amazon has announced that it will be offering a new “Prime” service that is available only to Amazon Prime members.The service, which is similar to what you see in other online book stores, will allow Amazon Prime customers to buy books directly from the company.However, it will offer more books than the previous Amazon Prime […]

The perfect book for book lovers

There are a lot of books out there, but not many that are truly perfect.The one that stands out is The Perfect Book for Book Lovers by Richard Powers.It’s a book that is as much a work of art as it is a book, but one that is so well-written that it can be read […]

Why you should buy your books now

Why you might be reading this: I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re reading this.Why are you reading this book?Why did you decide to read this book right now?I can assure you that most people reading this are just like you, and I am going to explain why this book is worth your time and money.But […]

How to use the nightingales in your business

By using the night-flying hocus-pocus book and the nighteningale book in your sales pitch, you can improve your chances of converting the target customer.Hocus paces have become a common practice in the Indian market, particularly in large enterprises.Many organisations have adopted them to enhance their communication with their customers.They also make them more attractive to […]

The Jungle Book: Cast in Gold, with an Epic Storytelling Tale of Survival

The story of Jungle Book, an epic fantasy novel written by Ernest Hemingway and illustrated by Don Winslow, is one of the most famous and successful tales in literature.The book was published in 1937 and went on to be a best seller, winning awards and a bestseller list in its time.It was adapted into a […]

How to hack a computer that reads your emails

If you’re in the habit of checking email regularly, you’ll likely have noticed a pattern in the inbox.When you receive an email from someone, it often contains a brief summary of the information.If the email contains a link to a site or service, the email will often ask for a confirmation before continuing.If you can […]

How to get $500k from the government book deal: $250,000 for an ‘easy’ book, and the ‘easiest’ to read

The new government book agreement, announced Wednesday, promises a $250 million infusion into the public service and includes $250 per reader for a “high quality” book, which will be “easy” to read.This will be the most generous government book grant in decades, said Elizabeth B. Cady, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.“If it is […]