How to spy on the Senate and the CIA: How to do it, the book says

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election is set to include testimony from the intelligence community’s top cyber experts.In the first major piece of testimony on Capitol Hill since the election, Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., will be joined by FBI Director Christopher Wray, former National Security Agency Director […]

How to find a book that has your back

The NHL’s annual Player Awards, traditionally held in June, has become an annual event.This year, the awards will be held on Jan. 31, with a panel of experts in the business of hockey-related publishing.We take a look at what we’ve learned from past awards to help you find the best hockey-themed books to read this […]

Why the hatchet book is worth a thousand words

By JONATHAN FERGUSON – 2 May 2018 09:13:59In the 1970s, British author David Mitchell was fascinated by the notion of “the hatchet” in fiction.His most famous work is The Lost Abbey, in which the characters are all about the hats, and Mitchell described the process of finding them in his book, The Hatchet.The hatchet has […]

How to Use Audible Books to Read With an iPhone

The Audible app is a great way to read audiobooks on your iPhone.You can use it to read on the go, but if you’re not used to using an iPad, you might find it difficult to get through a book on your phone.That’s because the app only has a single audio track.When you listen to […]

How the world’s first ‘fuck book’ was published in 2016

The world’s oldest book, one that was made famous by a man who called it “a complete and utter disaster” and a “fucking waste of time”, was made into a book by a small group of artists in 2016.The story is part of the book “Fuck Book: An Anthology of Sex and Gender Stories from […]

How to Build a New, More Portable, and More Effective Bookcase

The bookcase of your dreams.The book case of your life.The book shelf of your dream.The best bookcase in the world.And, most importantly, the book case that will never fall apart.We are not talking about a box that is just a bookcase, either.A bookcase is a furniture, a piece of furniture that can support multiple books, […]

“The Great American Novel” author, TV, movies and movies from around the world: What to look for at this weekend

The Great American Book Week kicks off on Saturday, June 12 with the release of The Book of Eli, an acclaimed new novel by Pulitzer Prize winner John Green.The book, which has been nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, is set in a fictional city called New York City where the […]

Why does the new book of Kell’s still look so good?

Books on the bestseller list are notoriously hard to find, and it’s hard to know what’s on offer at the online book store.There are a lot of books with questionable titles and titles with titles like “Scooby-Doo!” and “Hocus Pocus!”But what you might be looking for in a book is a book that has been […]

When the Book Becomes You

The latest season of The Vampire Diaries is back for its second year.It follows the exploits of the title character and her partner Sarah and their relationship as they navigate their post-apocalyptic world, while dealing with the consequences of the virus.It also marks the return of many of the characters from season one and some […]

How to write a book from scratch: The best of the best of books by Christian bookstores

A collection of books from the best Christian book stores around the world.The book is full of gems.The title is a misnomer: it is not a list of all the best books on Christian book-keeping.It is the list of the most popular Christian booksellers around the globe.For a better read on what makes books so […]