Power Book 3: The Help Book by Michael G. Bier, published by Random House World Book, better world titles,power books

The American conservative is pleased to welcome Michael G and M Bier to The American Conservatives website.Michael Bier and M G are the founders and co-authors of the best-selling Power Book trilogy.The trilogy has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide and has been translated into more than 80 languages.Michael G Bier is a former […]

Christian Book Distributors to Receive $1 Million Gift in Gift Cards to Give Back to Christians

The Christian Book Supplier has announced the creation of a $1 million gift to give back to Christians in the coming years. Christian Book Distributor, Inc., an independent Christian bookseller, has partnered with book retailer Target to donate $1.5 million to churches and other Christian organizations for the first time in its history.The partnership between the […]

The Goldfinch Book: The Greatest Treasure Hunt of All Time

“I think the Goldfinches are the greatest treasure hunters in the world,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote in a letter to his father.And in another, Trump Jr., a frequent critic of the Clintons, wrote that the family’s “fear of snakes has never wavered.”And Trump Jr.’s words were a rallying cry against Clinton during her 2016 presidential […]

How bookselling got you a job in the media industry, and what you need to know to get one

title How did you get into the book publishing business?article 1 of 3 In the late 1980s, Steve Jobs started a digital media company called Apple Computer and his vision for the future of computing was the creation of a new type of electronic book.His company’s first product was called the Apple-Pentium computer, which sold […]

How to get your bookings on Tinder’s new app

The Tinder app is finally here, and it’s changing the way people book.We spoke with Devin Booker, cofounder and CEO of Booking.com, to find out how to get bookings using the app and how to keep them coming.Booking.co.uk/tinder-devinBooking is a booking platform.That’s right, it allows people to book a number of different things.Bookings can be […]

What’s in your favourite books? This list is changing

Here’s what you need to know before you head out to book your first book party, whether you’re looking to grab a book or not.Bookies booker T washington’s book,The Crown, is the bestselling book of all time.Its a book about a boy who is about to go to the top of the world and discover […]

Which one is the best-selling book in the UK?

The latest edition of the UK bookseller’s book chart has revealed the top three sellers of the week: A Wrinkle in Time by David Goggins, by Robert Frost and Huckleberry Finn.The best-seller in the US and Canada is The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.Sir Arthur Conan the historian was one of […]

Book Finder’s Devontae Booker Is Coming Back For A Second Season

It’s official, the 2018 Book Finders season 2 is coming to Netflix.A teaser trailer has been posted for the upcoming series and it’s set to premiere on October 21st.We already know that the show will be co-created by Devontai Booker and Michael De Luca.The creators have teased the show’s themes, with the two characters discussing […]

How to write poetry and how to read it

A lot of people don’t think of poetry as being the same thing as reading, but that’s exactly the point.“Poetry is not like reading,” says poet and poet laureate William Faulkner.“The reader is the most important part of the poem.When you are reading you are looking at what the writer is trying to convey and […]

How Jack Reacher’s book has changed my life

Jack Reachers new book, Jack Reaches for the Stars, has changed the way I think about the human condition.It’s an important book, not just because of the story of Jack’s journey to the stars but because it offers an intimate look at Jack’s own life, his relationship with the people around him, and how he’s […]