Kindle Unlimited books for a price?

With Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, the company is offering unlimited digital books at a flat $5 per month, up to a monthly total of $9,999.(AP)With the launch of Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited service, Amazon has released its full range of Kindle books for the price of $4.99 a month.Kindle Unlimited offers a number of benefits […]

How to Make the Best Vampire Diaries Book in 2018

The Vampire Diaper Club has made a few changes to its book club, but it hasn’t given up on its ambition to be the best of the best.In an interview with India Today, the club’s founder, Rahul Choudhury, said the group has not only made major changes to the structure of the club, it also […]

How to make a great wedding planner book: What you need to know

This is the fourth edition of the Hocus Pocus Wedding Planning Guide, and it is packed with great tips and tricks to help you design your own custom wedding planner.The guide includes everything you need from planning your wedding to your reception, as well as all of the other essential tips and ideas you need.If […]

How to buy an Oscar movie title: How to win an Oscar title: You don’t have to buy a book title: Don’t expect to win any Oscar movie

The Washington Times article 1 title Washington’s first gay president is the new face of gay pride title Washington has its first openly gay president, who was hailed as the new star of gay Pride weekend in the capital.But the first openly married president of a major American city has never before been so publicly […]

How a Mormon blogger became a book booking agent for

By now you may have heard that a Mormon blog blogger is now working for’ve written about Booking before, and in my previous article I outlined why I thought it was a good idea for bloggers to start booking bookings through Booking, a non-profit Booking company.Now, the blogger has become Booking’s agent, and Booking […]

What’s New in Love: A Book About Love in 2016

A new book, Love Is In The Air: A Novel About Love, is available for pre-order now.The book was co-written by former A&E writer and now radio personality Lauren Sivan.Sivan was the creator of the series “The Book of Loves” and she also co-wrote the feature film “Pushing Daisies.”The book includes a section on “love, […]

Why books are worth more than ever… again

Romance books are getting a whole lot more valuable.In fact, according to a recent survey of book retailers, romance has become the #1 most valuable category of all time.But what’s the value of a romance novel?And what can you do with a book that’s just $1.99?And why do so many books have a “special” cover […]

When The Church of Scientology and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Book Depository Depicted a Rape Book

When the church’s website listed the title of the book, Death Note: Book Depicted Rape, its founder David Miscavige called it “a hoax” and the book was “a parody.”“We had no knowledge of the title,” Miscavigesaid in a post on his website, “but it was a hoax.”“The title of our book Depicted A Rape was […]

Oprah: ‘This Is Not A Choice’

Oprah Book Club is hosting a fundraiser on Saturday for an Atlanta family whose child was killed in a tragic car crash.The fundraiser, titled “Oprah Books: My Favorite Kids, Part 1,” is set to feature books from the Oprah Winfrey Network and other sources including the New York Times, The New York Post, and the […]

How to buy new books from the ground up with this guide

The ground-up book seller is no longer a viable business model for some authors.The ground was broken at the end of 2016, when Amazon bought the entire book industry for $1.85bn (£1.1bn).But with the new business model, books are sold through websites, physical books and the Kindle.The New York Times has now compiled a guide […]