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How to Find Books in the Aftermath of a Fire

When the World Trade Center was hit by a massive blast in 1993, thousands of books were left to burn.The books were the remains of a massive, multibillion-dollar book-buying frenzy that began with the release of the first paperback of The Great Gatsby and went on to rival the sales of the best-selling American novel […]

Why you should always read the Bible instead of the Quran

Books about God and about the Bible, which is the Bible’s original source material, are a great way to learn about God.Books on history, philosophy, and religion, however, are often not.In fact, the Quran is often called the “lost book of Enoch.”If you want to learn more about the origins of the Bible and its […]

Trump’s new executive order: ‘You are not welcome here’

The president’s order directing the Department of Homeland Security to deport immigrants who have entered the United States illegally and those who have been in the country for at least 90 days has prompted protests from immigrants’ groups, businesses and local governments.The new policy, announced in the Oval Office on Thursday, gives local police the […]

The power book 3: The Alchemy Book by The Alchemist, author of the Alchemists Guide to Magic and the Power of the Mysticism of Alchemy

In The Alchemy book, the author presents the story of the alchemists who set about deciphering the secrets of the universe, discovering the true essence of the material world.The book’s title, the Alchemist’s Guide to the Magic of Alchemy, refers to its author as a “Master Alchemist”.The book was published in 1963.Alchemism in the Middle […]

How to book a Burning Man festival ticket, then burn the book, then book a book bags, then get burned?

If you’re not already in the Burning Man event, it’s time to get out there and see if you can make it out alive.The event was once known as Burning Man, but a couple years ago, the moniker was changed to “Lights of the World” due to safety concerns.Since then, the event has grown from […]

What is the most ridiculous and overrated song ever?

By now, we’ve all heard the most famous songs.We’ve all been asked about the greatest songs ever.And we’ve heard about the most forgotten.And it’s not just about the song that you think of as being the best, it’s also the song you think about the least.This is what we’ve come up with for you, our […]

How to read a newborn’s birth certificate

The book club is the one place where babies can be read, not just looked at.We are trying to make sure we give them the best chance to read.We’re trying to create the best learning experience for them.We’ve also got the best baby book club in the world.So, you’ll see us at every baby book […]

A million books, a million books is the answer to a book mystery

A million new books have been discovered in a landfill in Maryland, but some are so obscure that they defy a common sense understanding of the subject.¬†Scientists in the state recently collected about 5,000 books, mostly by African American authors, that have been forgotten for decades.¬†A team of researchers, who were looking for more obscure […]

How to make a bookcase with Minecraft: A book recipe from Minecraft

A bookcase made out of books.This Minecraft bookcase is one of the most unique bookcases out there.It has a wooden cover, book case frames, and a book that you can put books on.You can use it as a stand for your books or as a reading table.If you’re looking for a more practical bookcase, this […]