Vampire Diaries: What to Expect from the Season 7 Premiere

The final season of the hit drama, which premiered on HBO in September, has been set up as a prequel to the first two seasons.In its fifth and final season, the Vampire Diapers spinoff will chronicle the adventures of the show’s newest main character, Emily, who discovers a vampire that may have been born in […]

How to Make the Best Vampire Diaries Book in 2018

The Vampire Diaper Club has made a few changes to its book club, but it hasn’t given up on its ambition to be the best of the best.In an interview with India Today, the club’s founder, Rahul Choudhury, said the group has not only made major changes to the structure of the club, it also […]

When the Book Becomes You

The latest season of The Vampire Diaries is back for its second year.It follows the exploits of the title character and her partner Sarah and their relationship as they navigate their post-apocalyptic world, while dealing with the consequences of the virus.It also marks the return of many of the characters from season one and some […]