The Goldfinch Book: The Greatest Treasure Hunt of All Time

“I think the Goldfinches are the greatest treasure hunters in the world,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote in a letter to his father.And in another, Trump Jr., a frequent critic of the Clintons, wrote that the family’s “fear of snakes has never wavered.”And Trump Jr.’s words were a rallying cry against Clinton during her 2016 presidential […]

How to read a book on the internet

How to find a book online in a short amount of time?Kristin Hannah and her friend Jessica were browsing to see what they could find for sale.Hannah and Jessica were curious about the book they were looking for, “The Goldfinch Book,” which was a book about a woman who discovers her love for her […]

“The Great American Novel” author, TV, movies and movies from around the world: What to look for at this weekend

The Great American Book Week kicks off on Saturday, June 12 with the release of The Book of Eli, an acclaimed new novel by Pulitzer Prize winner John Green.The book, which has been nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, is set in a fictional city called New York City where the […]