Christian Book Distributors to Receive $1 Million Gift in Gift Cards to Give Back to Christians

The Christian Book Supplier has announced the creation of a $1 million gift to give back to Christians in the coming years. Christian Book Distributor, Inc., an independent Christian bookseller, has partnered with book retailer Target to donate $1.5 million to churches and other Christian organizations for the first time in its history.The partnership between the […]

How to buy new books from the ground up with this guide

The ground-up book seller is no longer a viable business model for some authors.The ground was broken at the end of 2016, when Amazon bought the entire book industry for $1.85bn (£1.1bn).But with the new business model, books are sold through websites, physical books and the Kindle.The New York Times has now compiled a guide […]

How to get the best books for free online: How to take your nonfiction book shopping to the next level

Read moreA survey of more than 10,000 people in the US found that readers of nonfiction books were the most likely to take out a subscription online. A majority of the respondents said they had read at least one nonfiction title online, while 43 per cent said they did so monthly, and 11 per cent were […]