The power book 3: The Alchemy Book by The Alchemist, author of the Alchemists Guide to Magic and the Power of the Mysticism of Alchemy

In The Alchemy book, the author presents the story of the alchemists who set about deciphering the secrets of the universe, discovering the true essence of the material world.The book’s title, the Alchemist’s Guide to the Magic of Alchemy, refers to its author as a “Master Alchemist”.The book was published in 1963.Alchemism in the Middle […]

How to be a better alchemist: An experiment in what works, or doesn’t, to make us better at reading and writing

The following article appeared in the May 18, 2018 issue of New Scientist.You can read more about our experiment on the ScienceCast podcast.The ScienceCast is a series of audio podcasts that explore the world of science.We look at science through a lens of science, and this month’s episode is called “Why do we do what […]

‘The Alchemist’: Bob Books and The Alchemist: Book One of the Trilogy on Bob’s Alchemy series

The Alchemist Book 1, the first volume of Bob’s Alchemist series, is out this week.Here’s what we know about the series so far.1.It’s about a magician and a magician’s son.It starts with Bob having to teach his son about magic, and ends with Bob telling the son that magic is real.2.Bob tells a story about […]

How to Become a Science Fiction Writer by Jack Reacher book title How To Become a Sci-Fi Writer by J.R.R Tolkien

How To Be A Science Fiction Author by Jack Reynolds is available now for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.Follow Jack Reaching for more of Jack’s writing, and subscribe to his podcast, The Jack Reachers Radio Show.