Romance books, book of shadows

Romance books are an interesting genre.The term ‘romance’ is often used to describe a romance story, but the genres themselves often go far beyond that.What I’m going to be discussing today is romance novels, and their popularity has been steadily increasing over the last few years.Romance books have been a major force in the publishing […]

What’s New in Love: A Book About Love in 2016

A new book, Love Is In The Air: A Novel About Love, is available for pre-order now.The book was co-written by former A&E writer and now radio personality Lauren Sivan.Sivan was the creator of the series “The Book of Loves” and she also co-wrote the feature film “Pushing Daisies.”The book includes a section on “love, […]

Why books are worth more than ever… again

Romance books are getting a whole lot more valuable.In fact, according to a recent survey of book retailers, romance has become the #1 most valuable category of all time.But what’s the value of a romance novel?And what can you do with a book that’s just $1.99?And why do so many books have a “special” cover […]