The Power Book is now available in paperback!

FreeKindle Books are available on the Kindle platform.They are a convenient way to read books that are hard to find online or on-demand.However, some of the books in the FreeKindles collection are not available on addition to The Powerbook, the new paperback edition of The Powerpuff Girls by Becky Chambers includes:The Powerpuff Girl: The […]

Nintendo Power: Gameplay Trailer 1/2 – New Gameplay – 3/4 – New Content

IGN: Mario Maker – Nintendo Switch – Mario – New Nintendo 3DS XL game – New Super Mario Bros. U game – Nintendo Wii U game.Nintendo Power (NWP): Mario Maker Trailer 1 – New Mario character.New Mario Character Trailer 2 – New characters, stages, and items.New New Character Trailer 3 – New game modes and […]