Nancy draws books for charity with her dad

Nancy’s father, John, had been ill and was in hospital for several months.She said she was working to bring some books from her father’s library to the hospital for him to read.John’s daughter, Nancy, who is five, said she would be very happy to help out by drawing books for children who are sick.“He was […]

Nancy drew books from outlander books

The author of a popular book of Victorian decorative books has drawn the title Nancy Draws Books from Outlander Books in her latest novel.The title Nancy draws books from Outlanders books, published by HarperCollins, is part of the author’s forthcoming book Nancy Drawings from Outlandish and Other British Classics, which will be released next month.The […]

Why you should get a comic book and a book collection at a comic shop

There are a lot of different comics out there.Whether you’re a fan of the mainstream, comic book fans, collectors, or just someone who just wants to read and enjoy a lot, there’s a comic books collection that fits your needs.There are books, magazines, graphic novels, and video games to choose from.There’s a reason why so […]