Which books are best for cheap books?

Books are an important part of our lives.They’re what we read, what we watch, and what we talk about.But cheap books are not the only source of cheap books.And that includes cheap magazines.Books can also be bought online, and there are some great bargains.Here’s what you should look for in a cheap book.Read More to […]

How to Make It in America with Malcom Gladwell book club

The world is full of great ideas, and few are as effective as a book club.I started one for me and now many more.Here’s how to join the best book clubs around.My first book club was founded in 2016 by two friends in San Francisco, and I still hold my membership in high regard.We decided […]

How to get $500k from the government book deal: $250,000 for an ‘easy’ book, and the ‘easiest’ to read

The new government book agreement, announced Wednesday, promises a $250 million infusion into the public service and includes $250 per reader for a “high quality” book, which will be “easy” to read.This will be the most generous government book grant in decades, said Elizabeth B. Cady, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.“If it is […]

How to write a book of yours?

There are so many ways to write an excellent book, but here’s the one you need to know: you need your readers.This means you need someone who is passionate about what you’re writing.You need someone with a passion for what you do.You also need someone to read and share what you write.If you don’t have […]