How to book a Burning Man festival ticket, then burn the book, then book a book bags, then get burned?

If you’re not already in the Burning Man event, it’s time to get out there and see if you can make it out alive.The event was once known as Burning Man, but a couple years ago, the moniker was changed to “Lights of the World” due to safety concerns.Since then, the event has grown from […]

How to get tickets to James Baldwin: The Man and His Films

You might have seen the movie starring Oscar winner and director James Baldwin, but you might not know it was actually his autobiography, the epic novel he wrote after his assassination. It’s the most recent book to be published by his estate, and its title is James Baldwin: A Memoir.The book is set to be released on […]

What’s New in Love: A Book About Love in 2016

A new book, Love Is In The Air: A Novel About Love, is available for pre-order now.The book was co-written by former A&E writer and now radio personality Lauren Sivan.Sivan was the creator of the series “The Book of Loves” and she also co-wrote the feature film “Pushing Daisies.”The book includes a section on “love, […]

9 new locations for book signing in Los Angeles County: Los Angeles Times

1 of 1 people found this review helpful LACMA Book Signing: 9 New Locations in Los Angles Booking 2 of 1 users found this post helpful laura borlaug-boden writes …