How to be a dog booker: How to get your dog’s attention, read, play and sleep

If you’ve been reading books about dog owners, you’ve probably heard them talk about the importance of being a dog owner.But are dogs really the only dog owners who need to be dog owners?I recently read the following book called Dog Owners Guide by John Green, which is a great resource to get started.It’s definitely […]

John Green Books: Why are you reading John Green?

The New Yorker is a publishing house whose books are published in print and online and whose imprints have included such titles as The Fault in Our Stars and The Fault In Our Stars: An Extraordinary Life.Last week, a book by Green’s longtime friend, John Green, was published by HarperCollins, and it was an early […]

How to Buy a Binge-Binge Book at Barnes & Noble

In this installment, we talk about buying books at Barnes and Noble and how to best find a book you want to binge read.The author is a former Barnes & Nobles staffer and currently works for Barnes & Knight as a marketing manager.