How to make a book fair

The next book fair in Melbourne could see thousands of children attend, with books being sold from 6pm-7pm on Friday.The book fair is being held at The Bookhouse in The Rocks, and book publishers are planning to sell over a million books this year, which will make it the biggest book fair to date.It comes […]

How do you find the best books for teenage girls?

TechCrunch: The title of this article implies a list of the best selling books for young girls, but the truth is that there are many books that are simply awesome for teens.In fact, the list below shows you how to find the most popular books for all ages.

What you need to know about jane auston books, which are now selling for $1,500.

By the end of August, jane the author of more than 300 books has sold more than 1.6 million copies, according to Amazon.The sale comes after the publishing giant announced that it would stop selling jane a book from her new series, The Amazing Janes.The book, which was published last month, focuses on the life […]