How Jack Reacher’s book has changed my life

Jack Reachers new book, Jack Reaches for the Stars, has changed the way I think about the human condition.It’s an important book, not just because of the story of Jack’s journey to the stars but because it offers an intimate look at Jack’s own life, his relationship with the people around him, and how he’s […]

How to Read Jack Reacher books on your Kindle or iPad? – Wired

The books on Jack Reachers Kindle, the popular book publisher that launched in the 1990s, are a classic in the genre.Here are the best of the best.1.The Day of the Jack Reaches: A Tale of Two Worlds By Jeff VanderMeer, Puffin Books publisher, 2011 2.The Devil’s Eye View: A True Story By David Mack, Simon […]

How to Become a Science Fiction Writer by Jack Reacher book title How To Become a Sci-Fi Writer by J.R.R Tolkien

How To Be A Science Fiction Author by Jack Reynolds is available now for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.Follow Jack Reaching for more of Jack’s writing, and subscribe to his podcast, The Jack Reachers Radio Show.