How to Read Jack Reacher books on your Kindle or iPad? – Wired

The books on Jack Reachers Kindle, the popular book publisher that launched in the 1990s, are a classic in the genre.Here are the best of the best.1.The Day of the Jack Reaches: A Tale of Two Worlds By Jeff VanderMeer, Puffin Books publisher, 2011 2.The Devil’s Eye View: A True Story By David Mack, Simon […]

How to Become a Science Fiction Writer by Jack Reacher book title How To Become a Sci-Fi Writer by J.R.R Tolkien

How To Be A Science Fiction Author by Jack Reynolds is available now for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.Follow Jack Reaching for more of Jack’s writing, and subscribe to his podcast, The Jack Reachers Radio Show.