How to write a book about caste: Dog man books

Dog man is the title of my book, The Book of Dogs, which follows the lives of four dogs, the only breeds of cattle, as they come to terms with their heritage and identity as part of a clan.It’s about how these dogs were brought into existence by a group of farmers, who came from […]

How to use the nightingales in your business

By using the night-flying hocus-pocus book and the nighteningale book in your sales pitch, you can improve your chances of converting the target customer.Hocus paces have become a common practice in the Indian market, particularly in large enterprises.Many organisations have adopted them to enhance their communication with their customers.They also make them more attractive to […]

How to make a great wedding planner book: What you need to know

This is the fourth edition of the Hocus Pocus Wedding Planning Guide, and it is packed with great tips and tricks to help you design your own custom wedding planner.The guide includes everything you need from planning your wedding to your reception, as well as all of the other essential tips and ideas you need.If […]