How a Mormon blogger became a book booking agent for

By now you may have heard that a Mormon blog blogger is now working for’ve written about Booking before, and in my previous article I outlined why I thought it was a good idea for bloggers to start booking bookings through Booking, a non-profit Booking company.Now, the blogger has become Booking’s agent, and Booking […]

What are the 10 books you can read online free of charge?

A free book is a book that you can download and read without paying anything.The best example is Amazon’s Kindle.If you want to read a book online for free, Amazon offers many kinds of freebies, including ebooks, ebooks in paperback, and Kindle books in ebooks.This list includes all the free ebooks available on Amazon.These are […]

Which are the best book deals of 2018?

Bookings from, Apple iTunes, Google Play, B&R Books and many more.The 2018 season has been a great one so far and there’s no reason not to spend your hard-earned cash on the best deals in the book world.