How to be a dog booker: How to get your dog’s attention, read, play and sleep

If you’ve been reading books about dog owners, you’ve probably heard them talk about the importance of being a dog owner.But are dogs really the only dog owners who need to be dog owners?I recently read the following book called Dog Owners Guide by John Green, which is a great resource to get started.It’s definitely […]

How to write a book about caste: Dog man books

Dog man is the title of my book, The Book of Dogs, which follows the lives of four dogs, the only breeds of cattle, as they come to terms with their heritage and identity as part of a clan.It’s about how these dogs were brought into existence by a group of farmers, who came from […]

Book that got me fired from my job for ‘making fun of’ hobbits

By JOSEPH PAGLIARNOEN, AP Book sales and book sales are on the rise, thanks to the success of books like the Lord of the Rings and Hunger Games.But what about those other popular books?Why do they sell so much more?Here are 10 of the best-selling books published in 2017:1.The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by J.R.R […]