Booking blotters for Washington County bookings

The Washington County Booking Bureau (WCBB) has posted an online booking blotter for the city of Washingtonton, with some listings from the previous day.In the first half of July, the bureau said it had over 1,200 listings for bookings in Washington County.The bureau said the first batch of listings were posted by 4 p.m.The last […]

Which Amazon Prime Books Should You Buy Now?

It’s the question that’s been on Hacker News ever since the first edition of this book was released, in early December of 2017.Amazon has been trying to do something that it’s been trying for years, which is to help publishers and authors get books to consumers, which means getting their books to Amazon.In fact, this […]

The Jungle Book: Cast in Gold, with an Epic Storytelling Tale of Survival

The story of Jungle Book, an epic fantasy novel written by Ernest Hemingway and illustrated by Don Winslow, is one of the most famous and successful tales in literature.The book was published in 1937 and went on to be a best seller, winning awards and a bestseller list in its time.It was adapted into a […]