When Did You Ever Feel Like Being A Great Reader?

By now, it’s no secret that book lovers have come a long way in recent years, and while that progress has been slow, there is one thing we still struggle with when it comes to getting into a book: getting into the right place at the right time.In the case of books, this can be […]

Vampire Diaries: What to Expect from the Season 7 Premiere

The final season of the hit drama, which premiered on HBO in September, has been set up as a prequel to the first two seasons.In its fifth and final season, the Vampire Diapers spinoff will chronicle the adventures of the show’s newest main character, Emily, who discovers a vampire that may have been born in […]

‘Chewbacca’ star’s family tells of ‘dark moments’ in his life as he grows older

Chewbacca’s mother has told of “dark moments” in her son’s life, including a series of drug overdoses and the death of her own son.Star Chris Pratt told Entertainment Weekly at the end of June that the actor and his family struggled with addiction.“The things that happened to my son are dark moments,” Pratt said.“We just […]

The best books for teens: Chegg’s new kids book for $2.99

A Chegg book for ages 3-12 will go on sale in July for $1.99.The title Chegg Kids: A Cheglestory of Chegg Books, which was released in November, is a book about Cheggs products and features the latest Chegg content, and includes advice on how to get the most out of your Chegg.“The Chegg family has […]

What is a kristin Hannah book drawing?

Kristin and I both have a passion for drawing, so we decided to share a few of our favorite examples of drawing with our fellow Redditors.Kristen has been doing this for over a decade, so I decided to bring her some of her best work to share.This was the second time we shared the results.I’ve […]