The Book of Bracelets, a Book of Adult Coloring Books, by Elizabeth Ann Bowery, author of A Book of Coloring and Other Essays on the Book of Love

This book contains a series of illustrations and descriptions of the books of love: the Book in the Light, the Book with the Stars, and the Book without Stars.It was first published in 1856 and was republished in 1893.A more recent edition is the 2018 edition, which is more of an anthology of books, which […]

How to read the books of Agatha Christie

Bookseller Agatha Christie has published an influential new book, How to Read the Books of Agathia Christie, about the author’s career.Christie, who died in 2006, is remembered for her prolific output, which included a collection of her children’s books and the books she created with her husband, novelist J G Ballard.The books are available for […]