Which books are best for reading?

More than 500,000 books were sold on Amazon’s digital bookstore in October, according to research by The Associated Press and Nielsen BookScan.That’s the highest number since Nielsen started keeping track in January.Nielsen said the number of sales on its platform topped 10 million in August, and the total of books sold was up 5 percent […]

Which Books Should You Buy If You’re a Star Wars Fan?

The latest issue of the Star Wars Insider podcast is out now, and it features an interview with Jodi Picoult, the author of the books The Essential Guide to Star Wars: A Complete Guide, and The Essential Companion to Star War: A Guide for Fans.The podcast also features a behind-the-scenes look at the making of […]

How to Be a Book Lover in 2017

I’m a book lover.But if I were to say I’ve read every single book I’ve ever bought in my life, the question would still be, “What else have I read?”And I’d be lying.That’s because it’s not only the books I’ve purchased that have influenced my writing, but they’ve also influenced my life.If I didn’t have […]