Booking blotters for Washington County bookings

The Washington County Booking Bureau (WCBB) has posted an online booking blotter for the city of Washingtonton, with some listings from the previous day.In the first half of July, the bureau said it had over 1,200 listings for bookings in Washington County.The bureau said the first batch of listings were posted by 4 p.m.The last […]

How to Make It in America with Malcom Gladwell book club

The world is full of great ideas, and few are as effective as a book club.I started one for me and now many more.Here’s how to join the best book clubs around.My first book club was founded in 2016 by two friends in San Francisco, and I still hold my membership in high regard.We decided […]

Which football bookings have been cancelled this year?

There were three cancellations in the week ending 1 July 2017 in Italy.The first one, for the Milan-Sampdoria clash on 1 July, was the first time in Serie A history that a game was cancelled due to poor ticket sales.The second was the Milan Derby match on 1 September, when the club’s ticket sales plummeted.The […]