Big Book: What You Should Know About the NFL, from the Cover to the Playoffs

With the NFL season officially underway, the league is now offering up its Big Book.This is what you need to know about the NFL to understand the league and its future.Here are the five biggest stories of the 2017 season.

How to get tickets to James Baldwin: The Man and His Films

You might have seen the movie starring Oscar winner and director James Baldwin, but you might not know it was actually his autobiography, the epic novel he wrote after his assassination. It’s the most recent book to be published by his estate, and its title is James Baldwin: A Memoir.The book is set to be released on […]

Former NFL player, rapper & author talks life in the spotlight with book: ‘The Art of Self-Love’

Former NFL star, rapper, and author Earl Boykins talks about his new book, The Art of Living with Self-Discovery, and his time on the road with The Beastie Boys.In the new book published by Hachette, Boykins takes on the art of living with self-discovery and shares the secrets behind his “soul on the page” style […]