How to write poetry and how to read it

A lot of people don’t think of poetry as being the same thing as reading, but that’s exactly the point.“Poetry is not like reading,” says poet and poet laureate William Faulkner.“The reader is the most important part of the poem.When you are reading you are looking at what the writer is trying to convey and […]

What to know about the books on sale for Christmas in Washington, DC

The holiday season is here, and as many of you are no doubt aware, there are a number of books that you may want to buy this year.So, we decided to run some numbers and get your thoughts.Here are the books we’re recommending:First, here are the titles that are currently on sale at Barnes & […]

When you’re not reading, there are books you want to read: book off

Share This Article Share ShareTweetShareThis Article ShareTweetPrintBook ClubOffers a great selection of reading options for those who are looking for a quiet read.Some of the titles you’ll find are:The author’s personal favorites:The best books to read in a crowded libraryYou don’t have to wait for the library to open to read your book.Just walk out […]