How to make a bookcase with Minecraft: A book recipe from Minecraft

A bookcase made out of books.This Minecraft bookcase is one of the most unique bookcases out there.It has a wooden cover, book case frames, and a book that you can put books on.You can use it as a stand for your books or as a reading table.If you’re looking for a more practical bookcase, this […]

Bookcase #4: The Bookcase of Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft’s Country Bookcase, which has been a fixture at the Library of Congress since 1976, is coming to an end.The Bookcase is an icon of the library, and the museum has a special bond with the collection.It has been on display at the museum since it opened in 2011, and was recently featured on the […]

Nancy draws books for charity with her dad

Nancy’s father, John, had been ill and was in hospital for several months.She said she was working to bring some books from her father’s library to the hospital for him to read.John’s daughter, Nancy, who is five, said she would be very happy to help out by drawing books for children who are sick.“He was […]

How to Build a New, More Portable, and More Effective Bookcase

The bookcase of your dreams.The book case of your life.The book shelf of your dream.The best bookcase in the world.And, most importantly, the book case that will never fall apart.We are not talking about a box that is just a bookcase, either.A bookcase is a furniture, a piece of furniture that can support multiple books, […]