How to be a better alchemist: An experiment in what works, or doesn’t, to make us better at reading and writing

The following article appeared in the May 18, 2018 issue of New Scientist.You can read more about our experiment on the ScienceCast podcast.The ScienceCast is a series of audio podcasts that explore the world of science.We look at science through a lens of science, and this month’s episode is called “Why do we do what […]

What books to ban?

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) says that some of the world’s most controversial books should be banned from schools and libraries.The organization said on Friday that “controversial texts are banned from the public library and from bookshops”.“There are some books which contain violent, abusive, or even violent threats,” said the UNESCO […]

How to be the happiest Irish woman

We live in a country where people have to live with the knowledge that if they want to be considered beautiful they must be married and have children.The reality of being a mother in the Republic is not a matter for the faint of heart, and yet that is the way it has always been.It […]