Why you should buy your books now

Why you might be reading this: I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re reading this.Why are you reading this book?Why did you decide to read this book right now?I can assure you that most people reading this are just like you, and I am going to explain why this book is worth your time and money.But […]

How to get $500k from the government book deal: $250,000 for an ‘easy’ book, and the ‘easiest’ to read

The new government book agreement, announced Wednesday, promises a $250 million infusion into the public service and includes $250 per reader for a “high quality” book, which will be “easy” to read.This will be the most generous government book grant in decades, said Elizabeth B. Cady, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.“If it is […]

Why are some children’s books so good?

When I first started reading children’s literature, I was surprised to find it was full of clich├ęs, and not all of them were true.But in fact, most of them did a good job of capturing the essence of childrens life.Here are ten of the best: A Child’s Book For The World (by Lizzie Alderman) The […]