What you need to know about the new Star Wars books from author Peter David

We don’t know much about what we’re reading in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie yet, but we do know one thing: The book has landed in theaters.It’s called The Last Jedi, and it’s out now, and we’ve got our first look at what we can expect from this upcoming Star War novel.We […]

Book Finder’s Devontae Booker Is Coming Back For A Second Season

It’s official, the 2018 Book Finders season 2 is coming to Netflix.A teaser trailer has been posted for the upcoming series and it’s set to premiere on October 21st.We already know that the show will be co-created by Devontai Booker and Michael De Luca.The creators have teased the show’s themes, with the two characters discussing […]

Which football bookings have been cancelled this year?

There were three cancellations in the week ending 1 July 2017 in Italy.The first one, for the Milan-Sampdoria clash on 1 July, was the first time in Serie A history that a game was cancelled due to poor ticket sales.The second was the Milan Derby match on 1 September, when the club’s ticket sales plummeted.The […]