Which Amazon Prime Books Should You Buy Now?

It’s the question that’s been on Hacker News ever since the first edition of this book was released, in early December of 2017.Amazon has been trying to do something that it’s been trying for years, which is to help publishers and authors get books to consumers, which means getting their books to Amazon.In fact, this […]

What we know about the Amazon Prime Books program

Amazon has announced that it will be offering a new “Prime” service that is available only to Amazon Prime members.The service, which is similar to what you see in other online book stores, will allow Amazon Prime customers to buy books directly from the company.However, it will offer more books than the previous Amazon Prime […]

Book: The Book of Life

The Book Of Life by Jhumpa Lahiri is the most powerful book I’ve read in a long time.I’ve never heard of it before, but I’ve been reading it since I was four, and I can honestly say I’ve gotten through most of it in two hours.And that’s not including the fact that I read the […]