Nintendo Power: Gameplay Trailer 1/2 – New Gameplay – 3/4 – New Content

IGN: Mario Maker – Nintendo Switch – Mario – New Nintendo 3DS XL game – New Super Mario Bros. U game – Nintendo Wii U game.Nintendo Power (NWP): Mario Maker Trailer 1 – New Mario character.New Mario Character Trailer 2 – New characters, stages, and items.New New Character Trailer 3 – New game modes and […]

How to write a book of yours?

There are so many ways to write an excellent book, but here’s the one you need to know: you need your readers.This means you need someone who is passionate about what you’re writing.You need someone with a passion for what you do.You also need someone to read and share what you write.If you don’t have […]

Bookcase #4: The Bookcase of Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft’s Country Bookcase, which has been a fixture at the Library of Congress since 1976, is coming to an end.The Bookcase is an icon of the library, and the museum has a special bond with the collection.It has been on display at the museum since it opened in 2011, and was recently featured on the […]

How to make a book fair

The next book fair in Melbourne could see thousands of children attend, with books being sold from 6pm-7pm on Friday.The book fair is being held at The Bookhouse in The Rocks, and book publishers are planning to sell over a million books this year, which will make it the biggest book fair to date.It comes […]

Why you should buy Michael Cohen’s Wonder Book: The New Science of Being and What to Do about it

Michael Cohen has penned the book Wonder Book, a new science of being, to be published by HarperCollins.The book focuses on the way that the mind works and how to use our minds to be the best human beings we can be.Cohen says that the book is meant to help people explore their creativity and […]

How to find coffee table books and other cool stuff from the 1980s

A new book has revealed a wealth of information about coffee table book collections from the mid-1980s.In a series of short articles, Ars Technic’s John B. Crouch has compiled the history of coffee table art and decor in this time period.The books can be found in coffee table museums around the world, and they are […]

Why books are worth more than ever… again

Romance books are getting a whole lot more valuable.In fact, according to a recent survey of book retailers, romance has become the #1 most valuable category of all time.But what’s the value of a romance novel?And what can you do with a book that’s just $1.99?And why do so many books have a “special” cover […]

Motorcycle Blue Book: James Baldwin books from 1950 to 2000 – ABC News

Motorcycle blue books are an eclectic collection of literary fiction that appeared in the 1950s and 1960s and was published from 1955 to 1970.The books were written in an early form of the “blacker” style, which became popular in the 1960s.The range of books includes a wide range of authors, including James Baldwin, who was […]

How to beat depression: How to conquer your emotions at the gym

In his latest book, author and health expert Richard J. Epstein describes how you can get your body and mind to fight depression.The book is called “The Happiness Cure,” and Epstein is offering it at the Fitness Expo in Los Angeles this week.Here are 10 tips on how to conquer depression, including ways to beat […]

When The Church of Scientology and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Book Depository Depicted a Rape Book

When the church’s website listed the title of the book, Death Note: Book Depicted Rape, its founder David Miscavige called it “a hoax” and the book was “a parody.”“We had no knowledge of the title,” Miscavigesaid in a post on his website, “but it was a hoax.”“The title of our book Depicted A Rape was […]