How the world’s first ‘fuck book’ was published in 2016

The world’s oldest book, one that was made famous by a man who called it “a complete and utter disaster” and a “fucking waste of time”, was made into a book by a small group of artists in 2016.The story is part of the book “Fuck Book: An Anthology of Sex and Gender Stories from […]

How to Buy a Binge-Binge Book at Barnes & Noble

In this installment, we talk about buying books at Barnes and Noble and how to best find a book you want to binge read.The author is a former Barnes & Nobles staffer and currently works for Barnes & Knight as a marketing manager.

How do you find the best books for teenage girls?

TechCrunch: The title of this article implies a list of the best selling books for young girls, but the truth is that there are many books that are simply awesome for teens.In fact, the list below shows you how to find the most popular books for all ages.

How to use a dictionary to identify the best-selling books in the dictionary

The Washington Book Fair is a celebration of science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal.But it’s not a book fair.You’re not going to find an array of books on every subject at the book fair, but you are going to be treated to some of the best books on those subjects.We’ll explore the science fiction and […]

What is a ‘border’?

The definition of a border has changed over time, but its significance for international trade has not.It’s been used to describe the borders between countries, which are set out by the UN’s World Trade Organisation (WTO).The border between Australia and New Zealand is the boundary between the two countries.The boundaries between the US and Canada […]

Book: The Book of Life

The Book Of Life by Jhumpa Lahiri is the most powerful book I’ve read in a long time.I’ve never heard of it before, but I’ve been reading it since I was four, and I can honestly say I’ve gotten through most of it in two hours.And that’s not including the fact that I read the […]

The best books for teens: Chegg’s new kids book for $2.99

A Chegg book for ages 3-12 will go on sale in July for $1.99.The title Chegg Kids: A Cheglestory of Chegg Books, which was released in November, is a book about Cheggs products and features the latest Chegg content, and includes advice on how to get the most out of your Chegg.“The Chegg family has […]

How to make a $2,000 book on Amazon, one reader says

One reader said she bought a $300 book from Amazon for $2.50.“I’m a single person,” the person said.The person said she could not find the book on her own website.Amazon said it is looking into the complaint and would not comment further.Amazon’s business model has attracted criticism from people who have seen their purchases go […]

When does a book’s popularity end?

The last book to sell in the UK was The End of the World in June, and its last book was A Christmas Carol, in November.But the last book that sold in the US, The Last Song, was in September and it was the first book to be a bestseller in Australia, the US and […]

How to Build a New, More Portable, and More Effective Bookcase

The bookcase of your dreams.The book case of your life.The book shelf of your dream.The best bookcase in the world.And, most importantly, the book case that will never fall apart.We are not talking about a box that is just a bookcase, either.A bookcase is a furniture, a piece of furniture that can support multiple books, […]