NEW YORK — Vanderburgh is no longer the bookie who once dominated the gambling industry.

That is, unless you count the new bookies who have made their mark by turning to the internet and booking up stakes in sports betting in ways that rival the casinos.

While the bookies have had to be more circumspect in how they’ve done business since the bookmakers are now the biggest players in sports gambling, the new breed of bookies are starting to see their bets come in more regularly.

In the weeks since the start of the 2016 season, bookmakers have booked more than 3.4 million bets for NBA games, a record for any sport, according to data compiled by Bloomberg News.

The trend is partly because sports betting is such a big business for bookmakers, which have more than $6 billion in revenue for the fourth quarter of 2017.

Last year, bookies had to put more than 1.5 million bets on the NBA in order to maintain their share of the business, according the latest figures from sportsbooks that have disclosed their data to Bloomberg News since the NBA started offering online sports betting a few years ago.

Since the NBA began offering online betting in 2013, bookmaker revenues have increased nearly 5 percent a year, according a Bloomberg survey of sportsbooks.

More importantly, bookie revenue from sports betting has been growing faster than bookmakers’ profits, as more people are turning to online betting.

In the past two years, bookkeepers’ bookings on the sports betting market have increased by more than 10 percent.

In 2017, the bookmaker revenue on the industry grew by an average of 7.7 percent.

That is the best growth rate for bookies since 2010, when bookmakers recorded an average annual growth rate of 7 percent.

For the first time, bookmaking bookings are up a full 1.4 percent from last year.

“The growth is definitely a positive sign, but it’s still early,” said Brian Johnson, chief executive of bookmaker, which tracks bookmakers.

“We expect the industry to continue to be an attractive bet for bookie profit and margins.”

The bookies’ profit is on track to grow 5.3 percent a season, Johnson said.

To make the bookmaking market bigger and more lucrative, the industry needs to focus on bigger bets.

The sports betting industry is now estimated to be worth more than about $8 billion, according Bloomberg.

According to the latest data from bookmakers and data compiled from Bloomberg, the NBA is the most popular sport bet on the books.

The NBA has drawn a record 5.8 million online sports bet in 2017, making it the most watched sporting event of the year, which is an average across all of 2017, according ESPN Stats & Information.

Bets on NBA games are more than double the average sportsbook bet, according data compiled for Bloomberg by

The league is the biggest sports bet of any sport.

Sportsbooks have been booking sports bets on NBA in recent years, with the most recent NBA bet, for example, being made on Nov. 5, 2017, on ESPN.

This year, NBA bets are being booked on a daily basis, with bookies recording more than 300,000 bets on league games in 2017.

The most recent bet on a NBA game was on Nov, 7, 2017.

That is a record-high for a bet on any NBA game in the past four years.

Bets on any league game have increased almost 8 percent over the past year, from an average daily volume of 1.8 bets on an NBA game to 2.3 bets on a season-opening NBA game, according Booking data.

The bookmakers book the majority of their NBA bookings online, with more than one-third of bets in 2017 on the game being placed online, according figures compiled by sportsbooks Bloomberg.

The NFL is another major sports bet that is now booked on an average day.

The latest bookings from bookies for the 2017 season were booked on Dec. 13, 2017 on ESPN, on an Average daily volume on the NFL of more than 7.2 bets, according data.

Sportsbooks that offer sports betting have begun to focus more on bookmakers online bookings.

A year ago, sportsbooks booked sports bets online about 30 percent of the time.

Now, bookers account for nearly a quarter of bookings, according Bets for Books, a bookmaker and sportsbook tracking firm.

Most of the bookings come from online bookmakers that have been growing in popularity, as the industry is growing fast, according David Gorman, managing director of sportsbook firm SportsBook Research.

It’s just not enough bookies to cover the entire sportsbook industry, Gorman said.

Gorman said the book industry is still seeing its margins shrink as bookmakers focus more time on