What to expect: Oprah is a popular television talk show host and book club host.

Her show is syndicated by CNN and is a staple on cable television.

If you’re a budding author, you can find a book club near you, or you can attend the annual book club conference in Orlando.

You can also find book clubs for children, teens and adults that focus on different genres.

If you want to learn more about the types of book clubs, the book club industry and how to join one, visit Bookclubs.com.

Oprah books book club convention at the Orlando Convention Center in July 2016.

(Photo: John Raoux/The Orange County Register via AP)More:Oprah Book Clubs 2018-2019 book club list:Book clubs in Florida, New York, California and Maryland are currently looking for members to start a book clubs at their own homes.

They’re also looking for more people to become book clubs members.

The American Booksellers Association lists more than 40 book clubs in more than 60 states.

Some are affiliated with major publishers such as Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster and Simon & Harper.

Other book clubs include: The Book Club of New York (the city’s largest), the Book Club for the Book World, the Book Clubs of Los Angeles and Seattle, the American Book Clubs and the Book Lovers of Southern California.

The Southern Book Clubs in New York and Los Angeles are also looking to grow.

They plan to have book clubs that meet in New Orleans in October 2019.

The Southern Book Lofts are also planning a book-club convention for 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.