Malcolm Gladfelter’s book, How to Be a Millionaire, was released in January 2016.

It has been one of the most talked about books of the year, with a list of over 300 million downloads on Amazon.

However, the book has also faced a lot of criticism for being sexist and racist, as well as being written by a white man.

Here are some of the best and worst parts of the book.


Malcolm Gladfels book is racist and sexist:Malcolm is a white, middle-class, heterosexual man.

He is a successful author, journalist, film producer, and actor who is often described as “the next Mark Twain.”

He is also a father, an uncle, a husband, a father-figure, and a grandfather.

However his books have been criticised for not being inclusive enough, and for being too simplistic in describing race and gender.


He is sexist:He writes:”In order to live in a society in which everyone has the same rights and the same opportunity, we need to understand that every individual has an individual story.

And every individual is born with unique potential and an innate capacity for success.”


His book is sexist and racially-biased:Malchow and Gladfelman are both white, male authors.

However their books are not as widely read or as widely discussed as Gladwell’s books.

For example, the US book review site Rotten Tomatoes found the book’s critical response at just 2.4% in 2018, compared to the 4.5% for Gladwell.


The book is not inclusive enough:Gladfelters book is often criticised for being overly simplistic, racist, and misogynistic.

Gladfelt’s books are often praised for being “feminist and anti-racist”, and often criticised as sexist and sexist.

The New York Times has said Gladfeller’s book is “one of the greatest books of our time”, and the author has also been labelled a “white supremacist” by the British newspaper The Guardian.


The title of Gladfelfers book is misogynistic:The title Gladfelin’s book was called ‘Maggie’s Guide to the Dark Side’, but is now called “Malcolm’s Guide To The Dark Side.”

Gladfell has also claimed in his book that the title of the title is “a reference to a woman who was raped and murdered”.


Malchows book is racially-focused:The book contains a list, “The 10 Most Dangerous Things in America,” that contains 10 examples of violent crimes committed by whites against people of color, with an additional 10 examples relating to blacks.

It is based on Gladwells research on “racial prejudice” in America.

Gladwell has argued that “racism is a product of white supremacy.”


His books are also sexist and misogynist:One of the worst examples of sexism in Gladwell s books is when Gladfeline describes the experiences of African American women.

Gladfeld says:”Black women have always had to deal with a history of racism.

They are constantly subject to the attacks of white men and white men have always been attacking women.

This is a very common experience in African American life.”

There are no African American people that have had more men and more men in their lives, more white men, more black men in the family.

And that is something that is constantly going on.


He writes about white women:In the book, Gladwell describes white women in a very derogatory way, writing:”It is not the women who are bad, but the men who treat them badly.

The men who abuse women are always the men.


He uses the word “misogynist” in a racist way:In Gladwell , the word misogynist is used to describe people who are white, gay, and male.

He writes:”‘Misogynist’ is a word which has always meant a white person and it is now synonymous with racism.

It can be used to denote anyone who treats a person differently than that which they consider to be their own.


The name of Gladwell is racist:In his book, Malcolm Gladfeld writes:In this book, he writes about his own experiences as a child in a white neighborhood, a place where he had to go to the toilet and wash his hands, and he describes the smell of urine on his clothing as “disgusting”.

He writes about being “frightened” by how people would walk by, and says:It is the racism and sexism of his book which is most offensive.

Gladfrieds book was also criticised for focusing on white privilege.

He wrote:”White privilege is a way of thinking that says to people: you can’t be different.

You are just as good as everyone else, just as valuable,