Hillary Clinton is set to launch her memoir, I’m So Sick of It, in the coming days.

The book will be the first of many by the former first lady as she looks to reclaim her legacy from President Donald Trump.

A recent interview with The Associated Press revealed that the first lady’s book, which chronicles her years as First Lady, will include a chapter on her husband, former President Barack Obama.

“It’s a great book for Hillary Clinton to read,” Michelle Obama told The AP.

“I love the fact that her family is on the page, she can talk about them.”

While the book’s title implies Michelle Obama will be focused on her wife, it also signals the importance of Michelle’s legacy in the eyes of the first family.

Michelle Obama is expected to be among the first names mentioned in a biography that will be released by the Obama Foundation, which focuses on raising awareness of mental health issues.

The Clinton Foundation has previously released a book that focused on Michelle’s life and life story, but there is no word on when the book will appear.

“Her story is so incredible,” Michelle said in the AP interview.

“The idea that her story is being heard and her words being remembered is really amazing.”