David Goggins’ new book, Why I Read Books in the First Place, tells the story of how the man who coined the phrase “you read a book once, you’ll never forget it” became a global phenomenon.

“He wrote a book and that’s how we all got hooked on books,” the Australian says of Goggings new book.

“I’ve got a copy in my home.”

Goggins was one of the early pioneers of the phenomenon that became known as the ‘Internet of books’.

He wrote The Complete Book of English Poetry in 1971, which is still considered by many to be the first book on the topic.

In his book, Goggs says the internet has changed the way we read and we can now read hundreds of thousands of books a day.

“That’s why I’m doing the book in the second book,” he says.

“It’s a bit like going to a bookshop and buying a bunch of books.”

The internet changed how we read, says David Gogings book ‘You Read a Book Once, You’ll Never Forget It’ on sale from the Al Jazeera Books website.

The book’s subtitle is the “secret sauce” of Gogons book.

Goggs’ book is set in New Zealand, where the country has one of Asia’s highest literacy rates.

“We have a massive illiteracy problem.

Our school system is not working.

And there’s a massive lack of literacy in our economy,” he said.”

You need to read a lot of books to know everything.

I think that is what it’s about.”

The book tells the stories of a young New Zealander, Michael, and his mother who are determined to improve their literacy.

“What happens when your child goes to school for five years and they don’t get good enough reading to be a member of the New Zealand National Library?” asks Gogg.

“Then you can’t afford to buy books.

They’re useless.

That’s how the system works.”

Gogens book also reveals the history of the book industry in New York, the world’s largest book market.

“New York has a large book market because there are a lot books around the world.

So, books are sold by the hundreds of millions,” he explains.”

But when they go to bookshops, they sell millions of books and people don’t know how to read them.

So they don’ know how the books are written.”

He also discusses how the book has changed his life.

“For me, the internet, the word of mouth, books have changed my life.

They’ve made me a better person.

They have changed me as a person and they have changed the books that I read.”

The New York Times described the book as “brilliant”.

The book was nominated for a New York Pulitzer Prize in 2005.

It has also won awards in Australia, the US and the UK.

In the UK, the book is being sold in a range of stores including the UK Library, the British Library and the New York Public Library.