I don’t want my children to read books, but I do want them to colour books.

I’m not a huge colourist.

But the colouring book that I like best is the colour book that has the best illustrations and most vibrant colours.

In fact, I have a list of the best coloured books that I think children should read.

The best colour books are all about colour.

It’s like the best recipe for the best cup of tea.

So when my eldest daughter wanted to make her own colouring books, I thought that was pretty awesome.

“How do you make a book for your kids?”

I asked her.

“Oh, you colour it.

I love that colour,” she said.

I’m sure that you’re already wondering how I know what colour I’m talking about.

If you’ve ever asked your kids what colour they should be reading, I bet you know that the answer is “everything.”

I mean, we all know what’s the colour of a banana, but we also know what the colour is of the inside of a chocolate bar.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been using colouring as a way to help my children understand what they’re reading and how they should experience their books.

The key to making colouring a fun, fun, safe activity for your children is the way that you make them feel that their choices are worth making.

To make your children feel like they are actually doing something, I suggest that they choose a colour that matches the subject matter of the book.

When you colour, you’re giving them the chance to make their own choices.

That’s what colouring is all about.

It’s not about making a colour-safe book for them, but it’s about making them feel like you’re making a book that they can enjoy, and that they want to read.

You can use any colour you like.

It’s important to choose a book you know your child loves.

Don’t just pick out colours that you know will look cool in a book.

Make a book and let them do the rest.

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