It’s official, the 2018 Book Finders season 2 is coming to Netflix.

A teaser trailer has been posted for the upcoming series and it’s set to premiere on October 21st.

We already know that the show will be co-created by Devontai Booker and Michael De Luca.

The creators have teased the show’s themes, with the two characters discussing their feelings for one another.

In the teaser trailer, we also learn that the characters will get back together, which is something that’s been a big theme for the show.

We’re excited to see what Devonta’s new character will bring to the table in the upcoming season 2.

As we already reported, Book Find, De Lucas and Booker will team up to search for clues in the mysterious, yet seemingly never-ending, book called The Book of The Sun.

There’s no word yet on when we can expect to see Book Find in Netflix’s shows.

Netflix will premiere the first two seasons of Book Find on October 10th and September 14th, 2018, respectively.