There were three cancellations in the week ending 1 July 2017 in Italy.

The first one, for the Milan-Sampdoria clash on 1 July, was the first time in Serie A history that a game was cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

The second was the Milan Derby match on 1 September, when the club’s ticket sales plummeted.

The third was the Claudio Ranieri-inspired 4-2 win over Milan at the San Siro on 5 September.

A fourth, for Fiorentina’s clash with Juventus on 14 September, was also cancelled due, in part, to poor match day sales.

In all, the Italian bookings database revealed that only four of the 36 cancelled matches were due to match day problems, with only one due to a stadium situation.

The Italian bookmakers had the Clasico in their sights for their Champions League group stage match against PSG on 21 June.

It was announced on 20 June that the Clásicos supporters group had applied for a cancellation of the match due to the fans’ high level of violence in the stadium, a statement by the group said.

“This situation could not have been prevented and the club would be looking for a solution to reduce the impact of the violence,” the statement read.

“The situation cannot be allowed to deteriorate any further and we request that the decision to postpone the game be reversed.”

However, the Clásico was cancelled, as was the final Serie A game against Napoli on 2 September, which was also postponed due to violent clashes.