Bookseller Agatha Christie has published an influential new book, How to Read the Books of Agathia Christie, about the author’s career.

Christie, who died in 2006, is remembered for her prolific output, which included a collection of her children’s books and the books she created with her husband, novelist J G Ballard.

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The title “Is there anything in life but death and taxes?” is one of many questions Ms Christie asked herself during her career, and she believed she had answered that question, according to a biography she wrote for the New Yorker magazine.

“She said that she believed that all the work that she did would lead to her own death, and that she was dying to know how she would die,” the biography said.

Christies novels have been praised for their dark and complex stories, but her books also included stories about love and family.

The New Yorker biography said she felt that it was her duty to write about her subjects, and this made it difficult to do so.

“It took her many years to come to terms with her mortality,” the book said.

The author was also an outspoken critic of her time, and in 2012 she wrote a scathing letter to the publisher HarperCollins in which she said she had been forced to “die alone and forgotten”.

Ms Christie died at the age of 83, on April 24, 2016.