Why you might be reading this: I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re reading this.

Why are you reading this book?

Why did you decide to read this book right now?

I can assure you that most people reading this are just like you, and I am going to explain why this book is worth your time and money.

But before I get to that, let me tell you why you might want to read it first.

First of all, I’m a big fan of books.

I love books.

And I love watching people read books.

But it’s also because I have a personal interest in these topics, and when I was young, I was very exposed to them, so I had a pretty solid foundation of knowledge.

And now, thanks to the internet, I have access to thousands of books, and the ones I’ve read are often quite brilliant.

So when I decided to go back and re-read some of my favorite books, I wanted to do it in a way that didn’t distract me from my busy life, but rather to help me understand what I’m actually reading.

So that’s why I decided that I would go back to my childhood library, and read a book every day that I found interesting.

And that’s what this book, The Virgin River Book, was about.

The V: River was one of my earliest childhood memories.

I was 10 years old, and we were in a school play.

I remember my parents were very excited because the play was called The Vicious River.

And so my mom and dad were playing on the river when suddenly a boat started heading towards us.

And there was a guy on board, and he just wanted to play with us.

So my mom started to yell at him, and my dad said, ‘Don’t yell, just play, let him come play with you.’

And I was just like, ‘What’s going on?

Why are we doing this?

Let’s go, let’s play.’

So my parents just started to play, and they were just laughing at me, and it just made me sad.

And they went on the boat and they just left me and my mom alone on the side of the river.

And we were just looking for water, and there was no water nearby, so we just went to the other side of it, and that was my first memory of that river.

The only time I remember it being that big was when we were on a canoe trip, and people were saying it was the largest river on Earth.

And the only time we saw a huge fish was when they had a big fishing party and were fishing it, so that was just kind of like a moment where I realized I was missing out on the wonder of this world.

It’s not that big, but it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

And then, my mom was watching this, and she was just so proud of me, because she thought that I was going to be a fisherman someday, because of the size of this river.

So she was like, “If you want to be like that, you have to be able to fish.”

So that was a huge moment for me, in a lot of ways, and then when I got to high school, my whole world changed.

And this was my introduction to science.

So this was really the first book I had ever read in school, and science was something that was very much in my heart, and so it was something I took very seriously, and really put a lot into it.

And it was also a huge influence on my career, because when I went to college, I had this opportunity to study chemistry and biology, and to have a lot more hands-on experience, I learned so much.

And to be in college in the early ’90s, it was so cool.

So, in high school I was a student of history, and this was something in which I really focused my studies, and at the same time I was taking a lot away from school.

I would watch history movies and stuff, and study history and stuff.

And my science interests grew, so it became kind of a cross-section of my life.

So I really tried to give myself the best possible chance in school to really develop the knowledge that I needed to be successful, and if I could just do that, I would be able give myself a chance to be an amazing scientist.

But I wasn’t successful at that, because it was very difficult for me to get a degree, because I had such a strong interest in chemistry and the biological sciences.

And a lot was about my academic and personal struggles, and how I was trying to do that at a young age.

And when I started college, my entire focus was just on my academics and my career.

And one of the first things I did, which I think was a very good decision at the time