Epic Books has announced a new season of its bookings website, offering bookings from May 5-18.

The bookings are available in Hebrew, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian.

The first bookings were launched on Thursday and are still open.

Epic will not open its website to the public, and Epic will only release the first book for the season, titled “Unleashes”.

The book is a thriller about a group of soldiers that are sent to the African desert, in a mission to kill an American colonel who was recently captured by the rebels.

The book has a theme of survival and a twist that will make it a hit.

It will be released in Hebrew on May 5 and English on May 6.

The company will open an exclusive bookshop at its headquarters in New York City and will open another in Warsaw, Poland.

The new book will be distributed in three formats: in Hebrew and English, in Spanish and Portuguese, and in Portuguese and German.

The debut book “Uncle Sam’s War” by US author Jeff VanderMeer will be available in English.

In addition, the company is announcing a new series of comics that will feature the story of “Unlegendary” starring Jeff VanderMees, the writer of the “Battlestar Galactica” comic books.

The series will be launched in English on July 12 and Spanish on July 13.