Google is opening a bookstore in the US next month.

Amazon announced plans to open a bookstore at the same time, with a goal to open an outlet in New York and Atlanta in 2019.

Google said it plans to partner with a number of other publishers to open new stores.

Google said that it will sell online books in all major US cities, including New York, Atlanta and San Francisco, as well as in the rest of the US.

Amazon has also announced plans for a number local stores.

The online bookseller said the new store will focus on fiction and nonfiction titles.

Google also said it would be selling its own online content.

It said it is working with publishers to offer their own online publishing services.

Amazon will open a second online bookshop in New Jersey next month, according to Google.

The company said that the new bookshop will focus primarily on fiction.

The company will also start selling online ebooks in the UK, as the first of a series of launches planned in 2019, including an e-bookstore in London and a physical bookshop near London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Google will also be launching an online e-learning service in 2018.