The Alchemist Book 1, the first volume of Bob’s Alchemist series, is out this week.

Here’s what we know about the series so far.1.

It’s about a magician and a magician’s son.

It starts with Bob having to teach his son about magic, and ends with Bob telling the son that magic is real.2.

Bob tells a story about a girl and her family, and how she was kidnapped by her stepmother and the magician’s stepson.3.

Bob shows off his “magic eye,” which allows him to see the color of objects and colors.4.

Bob uses a “magic box” to create and show off his magic.5.

Bob’s wife, Sarah, tells him he’s going to be a great magician, and he’s already begun.6.

Bob and Sarah travel to a magical city, and Bob makes an effort to impress his wife.7.

Bob teaches his son magic in a secret room of the home he shares with his wife, and they begin practicing together.8.

Sarah tells her stepdaughter, Laura, that she loves her husband, and Laura says she loves Bob too.9.

Bob creates a new spell, but the spell is destroyed when he accidentally casts it on Laura.10.

Laura and her stepson find out the truth about Bob’s parents, and Sarah decides to leave Bob for good.11.

Bob learns that his stepmother is still alive, and is determined to learn magic and learn how to create magic.12.

Bob makes a pact with his stepdaughter to help her get a magic job, and then he finds out that he’s part of a larger family that includes her mother, her father, and his stepson, and she is the only one who can stop them.13.

Sarah learns that Bob has been kidnapped by a man named “Jek” who has taken her stepfather and her mother hostage.14.

Bob finds a spell book, and uses it to summon “J” to save his stepfather.15.

Bob goes to a magician who wants to teach magic, but he has no money, and there’s only one person who can help him: his stepmom, Laura.16.

Laura, Bob, and the alchemist meet in a small town to teach a class.17.

Laura asks Bob to use the magic box to create a spell, and that spell is the spell that destroys the book.18.

Bob doesn’t want to create any more spells, but Sarah convinces him to.19.

Bob meets with the alchemy teacher who taught him, and learns that the alchemists work together to create spells.20.

The alchemist teaches Bob some new spells, including one that creates a magic eye.21.

The student discovers the true purpose of magic, a spell that allows him and his family to save themselves.22.

Bob begins to create more magic spells, and it becomes obvious that his spells are powerful and dangerous.23.

The magician who teaches the alchemical class discovers the real reason he teaches magic, that he doesn’t believe in magic.24.

Bob returns home and learns he’s been kidnapped again.

He is then arrested and brought to a prison, where he has to learn to cast a spell.25.

The prisoner is a magician, who uses magic to steal Bob’s magic, while Bob must make sure he does the right thing.26.

The students are all trapped in a box, and while Bob is working on creating a spell to escape, he discovers that his prison mate has been trapped as well.27.

Bob discovers a new magic spell, one that allows his prison prisoner to escape.28.

Bob, Sarah and the prisoner make a pact to rescue Laura.29.

Bob escapes with his prisoner, and with his new spell he discovers the secret to his magic, which lets him use the same spell to free the prisoners.30.

Bob tries to find the “Alchemist’s Book,” but he discovers he can’t find it.

He decides to go back to his prison, but his escape plans are ruined when the prisoner shows up with a new trick.31.

Bob confronts his prisoner and discovers he’s not the albino man he thought he was.32.

The prisoners’ escape plan goes awry when they run into the alchemic teacher, and their escape plan collapses.33.

Bob is imprisoned again, this time by a magician named “Bud.”

Bob is freed when he uses his magic to free him from prison.34.

Bob finally realizes he’s in prison, and decides to escape from his prison cell with his friend, Laura and the prisoners they escaped from.35.

Bob realizes that he has the ability to create powerful spells and uses them to save the prison.36.

The two escape from prison, Laura is taken prisoner again, and one of the prisoners, Bud, is kidnapped by the al