Lovecraft’s Country Bookcase, which has been a fixture at the Library of Congress since 1976, is coming to an end.

The Bookcase is an icon of the library, and the museum has a special bond with the collection.

It has been on display at the museum since it opened in 2011, and was recently featured on the Smithsonian Channel’s “The Book of Things to Come” as part of the museum’s first season.

The museum will be taking the bookcase apart, putting it back together and eventually making it available for public viewing in 2019.

This is the fifth iteration of the Bookcase in the museum.

Its previous iterations were the first and second, and both have gone into storage.

The new bookcase will be a different shape, a little bit smaller, and feature a smaller, more rectangular shape that will be used for the second iteration.

The final version will be larger, with a curved panel on one side that will also feature a book.

This panel will be filled with a light and reflective surface.

The bookcase was designed in the 1930s by Robert C. Cooper, who was a longtime admirer of the author’s work.

His ideas and plans for the book case led to many of the details of the design in the book.

The Library of the Congress is working with the museum on the project, and it is expected that the new Bookcase will open to the public in 2019 at the Museum of American History.

The museum is also hoping to bring the book back to life.

“The Bookstore is one of our most enduring symbols of our country,” museum curator Tom Gellis said in a statement.

“The Museum of the American Revolution is committed to preserving and improving its historic holdings to reflect the rich cultural heritage of this country and to celebrate the legacy of this great nation.”

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