The next book fair in Melbourne could see thousands of children attend, with books being sold from 6pm-7pm on Friday.

The book fair is being held at The Bookhouse in The Rocks, and book publishers are planning to sell over a million books this year, which will make it the biggest book fair to date.

It comes after a record number of children attended the 2017 Book Fair in Sydney, which saw 1.5 million book purchases.

Book publishers have been quick to promote their new book fair.

“The bookfair will be the biggest of its kind in Melbourne and the world,” said Mark Wilson, managing director of JB Hi-Fi and publisher of The Great Books of Melbourne.

I’m excited to welcome the first 500 book fair attendees at the Bookhouse on Friday night.

In a world of mobile phones, tablets and iPads, book fairs are a key component of the community and a great way for children to connect with books, and have fun doing it.

JB Hi Fi is celebrating the success of the 2017 book fair with a number of new events and book signings.

For example, a book that won best novel at the 2015 Book Fair was awarded a best book award at the 2017 festival.

Also this year book fair organisers are partnering with the Melbourne University Library to present a book on their university campus.

As well as a number, there will be workshops, readings and an artist workshop.

And, of course, there’s food.

The Festival will feature a number food stalls and the bookfair is also offering live entertainment and free entertainment from 9.30am-2pm.

You can book tickets to the book fair online, and get more information at