When the church’s website listed the title of the book, Death Note: Book Depicted Rape, its founder David Miscavige called it “a hoax” and the book was “a parody.”

“We had no knowledge of the title,” Miscavigesaid in a post on his website, “but it was a hoax.”

“The title of our book Depicted A Rape was a parody of a book titled Death Note.

We have removed it from our website, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.””

This book is a parody, a satire of the original Death Note,” he added.

Miscavigewith a “joke,” the church has gone out of its way to ensure that its bookdepository, Book Depicts Rape, does not depict rape, according to the New York Times.

“The book Depicts A Rape, which is in the church website, is in full compliance with the Book Depictions Rape standard,” the bookdepiction website reads.

“The book is available on our website for free.”

“Our website has been updated to reflect the fact that it is a joke and we apologize for this inconvenience,” the site added.

“Our book Depictions A Rape will continue to be available for purchase on our site.”

The Church of Scientology also issued a statement on Monday, saying the title was “incorrect.”

“It was an error on our part to include the title Death Note in the book Depiction A Rape,” it said.

“It is a satirical reference to a fictitious book, not a serious book.”

“For this reason, we have removed the title from the book depository and will be taking appropriate steps to prevent it from appearing in the future,” the statement said.

The New York Post’s report about the book also included an image of a mockup of a rape scene in the novel, with the caption, “the rapist in the title is a fake.”

The bookdepictions rape bookdepicts rape is on sale now.